Sep 14

Is Cash to Crafts a Scam?

Is craft assembly at home a scam?  You have probably seen these home assembly jobs for crafts advertised a lot.  Here is the low down with an example of one such company:

1) Cash to Crafts Review

If you have ever read any of the craftstocash.com reviews, you will see that hardly anyone has ever made any money from them,and if they have it was not worth their time. They claim you can make very good money with them.  Here are some of the craft kits they offer, a ladies belt, ankle bracelet, angel magnet, doggy pen holder, christmas bell, and picture frame.  Seriously, would you buy these as a craft fair?  I don’t know about you, but I attend craft fairs all the time, and these are not quality or unique crafts. I don’t know where anyone could sell these.Cash for Crafts 2

In addition to the tasteless crafts, the website is very amatuer.

2)  The Price and Pay for these Home Assembly Jobs

Cash to Crafts requires you to pay to register for a “job”.  Once you register, and pay the registration fee, shipping and handling, they will send you a kit for your chosen job. They will also sell you a sample product as well so you can see what the finished product looks like.  When you receive the kit, you are required to send  a sample of the item back for a “check up”.  If you pass the check up you can then go on to make a unit.  A unit is a batch of 30.  They claim they will reimburse you for the registration fee after you have successfully completed and handed in 3 units.  Let’s do an example of the lovely ankle bracelet:

Home Job Ankle Bracelet

The registration fee for this job is on sale, and it is $15.23, plus $9.77 shipping and handling, for a total of $25.00.  Plus you’ll want to buy a sample for $10 to see what they expect it to look like.  So you have just paid them $35.

The pay for this particular job is  $120.00 per unit of 30 Ankle Bracelets.  You can send in up to 3 units per week for payment = $360.00 a week.  And supposedly earn up to $1440.00 a month by sending 3 units each week for payment.

So they are claiming they will pay you $4 each for these bracelets that can be made for pennies a piece in a factory and even probably by automated machinery.  Would you pay more than $4 for a braided piece of embroidery floss?  They certainly are not making money on these “crafts”.

They do offer a money back guarentee, if you are not satisfied , within 30 days for a refund of the registration fee minus a $5.00 restocking fee. (Shipping and Handling not refundable).  So you will have to pay to ship it back, they’ve made $24.77 off of you for the sample item, shipping, handling and the “restocking fee”.  I would bet most folks wouldn’t figure out withinn 30 days if this wasn’t going to work.

3) The Truth about these Assembling Products Home Based Jobs

After reading all the Cash to Crafts reviews out there, I did not find one good review, nor anyone who made any really money.  I learned that even if you pass the initial check up, the remainder of what you make will seldom meet the company’s specifications. They are making money on the starter kits, and you can be left with a set of assembled crafts with no one to sell them to.

4)  Are there Legitimate Home Assembly Jobs for Crafts?

Yes, if you are creative and already make unique crafts, you can sell your crafts online to Etsy.com, Artfire.com, The CraftStar.com, Envato Marketplace, Artpal.com, and Yessy.com.  

Abc News shows here how a few people are succeeding.

The number one way to make money with crafts is to build your own website and sell them from there.  You can do this in conjunction with the above mentioned places, and if your website has a blog, you can incorporate affiliate marketing into it and make even more money.  Join Wealthy Affiliate and you will not only learn how to build a website for free, you will get two free websites.  That certainly beats paying someone for a kit!

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5)  My Cash to Crafts Review Rating