Apr 15

Internet Prospect Acceleration System Scam, iPas Scam

The iPAS system is something I just recently looked into.  IPAS 2


When I first did my research before joining, I naturally looked up iPAS Scam to see what people are writing about it.  It is hard to find a write up in the first few pages of Google where people are actually agreeing it is a scam.  That is because there are a plethora of people out there trying to promote it.  What I find is funny is that some of the you tube videos that are out there look like they were made by crack pots!

I did find some iPAS scam reviews out there.  However, I did decide to join, because there is a money back guarantee, and I felt I should go inside to have a look before I wrote a review on it, and hey maybe I really could make some money with this system.

1) iPAS cost

Well they tell you it is only $7 to get started, when I tried to leave the page, they said WAIT!  We will let you try it for just $1!  So I got in for one dollar.  Then the upsells started, and you really start to feel like you are not going to make any money unless you buy into the upsells.

Here is what you get with the iPAS Pro Membership which is what I ended up with:

-Certified Business Coaches to talk to your leads.                                                   Coaches supposedly can increase your business by 50%.

-30 day step by step training plan.

-If you get 50 new members, you will earn $2000 a month.

-hands free traffic resources.

-Marketing tools.

-Email auto responder.

So here is what I spent on my first afternoon.Ipas cost


2)  The iPAS System

Then Chris Jones goes on in a very convincing video explaining the system.  Unlike other internet marketing systems, the iPAS marketing system is not your own business. You are buying into a franchise or co op started by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones.

Chris Jones goes on to tell you about the 7 figure sales funnel model of the business. He claims most of the work is automated, but YOU still have to do the work to get the leads.

The traffic is the top wide end of the sales funnel, as the funnel gets smaller (these are the people who buy the upsells) the profit maximizes.

$97-500 are costs for some of the upsells.

Profit Maximizers go from anywhere from $300 to $5000, these are membership levels, and the higher the membership level the lead buys the more money you are going to obviously make.  They have Basic, Pro, Silver, Gold, and Black.

Another thing they promise is a one on one sales call.  This sales call is going to see how much you can invest.  The more you invest, the more they will kick in, and the more profit you will see.  I have heard they try to get people to max out their credit cards. They have even been reported to tell people to invest as much as 80K and they will throw in 20K on top of that.  What???? Most of us that are looking to make money on the internet are doing it because we need money, we don’t have it to spend.

3)  Why I think iPAS SCAM is the best way to describe this system.

They really don’t sell an actual “product”, they are selling membership levels.  To me this just seems immoral.  You also cannot make any money if you do not invest into this business of “selling nothing tangible, or of value”.  I could not feel good about suckering in people into this sort of business.

You are constantly asked to upgrade or pay for things.  You have to pay for the auto responder that is a separate program, that you can join on your own.  That was probably the best thing I learned from the program.  I kept my auto responder membership to try out with my other affiliate marketing, as they have a good course on how to use it and it is only $15 a month.  It is called Get Response.

I quit iPAS my second day in, as I really felt it was a scam, and immoral.

My iPAS Review:

Immoral, and if you are looking to make money, because you need money and don’t have it, forget about this system.  My take on iPAS:

4)  What do I think is the number 1 way to make money at home that is not a scam?

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