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Nerium International, Business Opportunity or Scam?

Nerium-Pic-1A lot of buzz has been going on about Nerium these days, both about the product and the business opportunity.  You may have even heard about a Nerium Scam.  I joined about three months ago.  A post appeared in my news feed on Linkedin from a woman who only stated that she enjoys helping people achieve six figure incomes.  So I messaged her and told her I wanted to find out more about what she did.  I had no idea it was anti-aging skin cream.  We exchanged a few messages, and then met (she lives near me).  She looks fabulous for her age, 68, and is a vibrant and fashionable lady.  She also has achieved her white convertible Lexus.

I tried Nerium AD Night Cream for a few weeks, loved the results, and started to receive compliments from complete strangers on my skin.  I bought the starter pack for around $250.  I then attended the conference, was exhilarated to get going after that (these kind of conferences are set up to get one brainwashed and excited), and moved on to buy an even larger pack for over $800 because I was sure this was a win win situation.

See some of the before and after pictures of people using Nerium AD that I found on Google Images, it is not only an anti-aging cream, it also helps with acne scars, discoloration, and rosacea.  It also is supposed to work on skins of all colors:

Nerium AD results on a woman's neck.

Nerium AD results on a woman’s neck.

Nerium result-cust71Nerium Acne scarring 2Nerium AsianNerium Dark ComplexionNerium result-cust14Nerium Firm 2

Unfortunately there are many reports of photo shopped images, or blatant fraudulent side by side photos.  Below looks to me like the only thing the women in the below photos have in common is the same bathing suit or panties.Nerium Firm 5Nerium6

There are also numerous reports of skin reactions and not very good ones.  The day cream caused me to break out.

What is Nerium International?

Nerium International is a MLM.  There are many MLMs out there, and they are mostly legit businesses.  The Nerium company prefers to call their method relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is a facet of customer relationship management (CRM) that focuses on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales (Whatis.com). Other terms MLM companies use to describe their methods are called “direct selling”, “network marketing”, and “word-of-mouth marketing”. Whatever one wants to call it, the basis for all MLMs is to get repeat customers and build a team, the team is called their “downline”.  One must continue to sell the products, maintain and help grow their team, to reap the benefits of a residual income.  The more sales one generates, and the larger their downline becomes, and then the more sales the downline generates, determines one’s level of compensation. Other terms used for MLM include pyramid sellingnetwork marketing, and referral marketing.

There are some reports out there that Nerium is a pyramid scheme, I believed it was not. After all they have real products, pyramid schemes do not.  A pyramid scheme involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real product or investment to those who join (Wikipedia.com).

Nerium International has grown from Nerium AD anti-aging night cream to include Nerium Age-Defying Day Cream, Nerium Firm body contour cream, and EHT® Age-Defying Supplement, which protects the mind from mental decline, which includes memory loss, slower reaction times and diminished mental alertness.

Nerium Pros

Nerium AD has great results for many people, I have been happy with the night cream. The company has grown in a short time since 2011 to a $1 Billion global company, covering the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Korea.  Nerium seems to have a decent compensation plan, including:

  • Personal Customer Commissions.
  • No boss, work your own hours, make back what you put in.
  • Success Pack Bonuses.
  • Subscription to Live Happy magazine, (online version).
  • Copy of Jeff Olsen’s best seller “The Slight Edge” book.
  • Customer Acquisition Bonuses by Rank Advancement.
  • Customer Acquisition Bonuses by Preferred Customers
  • Team Commissions.
  • Live Better Bonuses – $25,000 – $1,500,000.
  • Leadership Development Bonuses.
  • Coaching Commissions.
  • FREE iPad2
  • Lexus Bonus $500 – $1,000
  • 3URFREE Program; Refer 3 customers, your personal product is free.
  • Corporate culture promotes paying it forward, huge philanthropy initiative; Big Brothers, Big Sisters support.  World Vision and the Nerium Ripple Foundation have joined forces to provide a better opportunity for children living in poverty. This partnership will provide educational activities, entrepreneurial training, mentoring, and leadership development workshops, helping these young people to set goals and work toward a brighter future.BBBS_Image-1

Nerium cons

Lets dig a little deeper here:

  • Their SYSTEM, including Market parties, Real Results parties, Sharing a bottle for a week (not enough time to really see results), and 3 way calls with your upline (embarrassing and pushy).  If you are reserved, as I am, this will not be comfortable for you.
  • Real Results Parties (inviting your friends over to watch a video and have your upline or another Senior Brand partner there to answer questions), will not work if you do not have a huge network of friends and you can often alienate your friends. Home parties can often be the killer of an MLM business.
  • You have to work, and work HARD!  You have to be comfortable approaching people, both friends and strangers.
  • They believe no’s eventually turn into yes’s, so they expect you to continually prospect those that initially say no.
  • Promotion of the opportunity over the product, even my own upline told me not to talk about the product, just the opportunity.  They believe that you should talk very little and let the “system” work for you.
  • High cost of start up if you want product for people to try:  $500 to $1000 for the Success packs.  I don’t believe in lending a bottle for a week as their system tells you too.  Their slogan is “sharing is caring”.  You can’t see any results in a week and I wouldn’t use or give away cosmetics to a friend that I or someone else already used, so I will not do it with a night cream.
  • Cost for attending the conference, it is $129.
  • Cost of magazines, website, and promotional gear.
  • Cost to attend Market Parties, $20 admission and the food and drinks are not free.
  • Monthly charges for Nerium Edge, which includes the online training center with their method, mobile apps for marketing on your phone or tablet, Success magazine, Real life library, Go Social media, message of the month CD, and opt in pages.
  • Product works for some, but not everyone (I cannot use the day cream).  Some report very serious reactions.
  • Team must continually achieve or your residual income will suffer, must be willing to support team constantly.
  • Most people already own some kind of tablet these days, be it an Ipad or Android.
  • Lexus bonus is a lease, if you or your team does not perform, you are still in a contract with Lexus, so it is a risk.  They also are not the only MLM company offering a Lexus.
  • Commission structure is a killer, they don’t really explain this very well in the beginning because they are glossing over so much.  Here is the commission payout structure:  Sell $201 to $400 in retail sales, including your own product, you earn 10%, great, that’s $40, now I think my website is paid for, but I still paid for my cream.  Sell $401 to $1000 and you get 15% commission, so I think I get $40-$150. Over $1000 and you get 20% commission.  Oh, but here is the real kicker, hold on to your seats, the first $200 you make for the company DOES NOT COUNT toward your commission, it goes toward your upline’s commission at 90%!  Then the more retail volume you get it goes down 10% to your upline with each level you get to until is is 50/50 with your upline.  So until you get a team to make money off of, you are operating at a loss, because don’t forget the initial Success Kits.  So is this a pyramid scheme???  After all Wikipedia says that the definition of a pyramid scheme is promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real product or investment to those who join.  So I can’t make anything, unless I get others to join!!!! Effing what???
  • Cult like, even I was brain-washed for a bit.  I had to clean out my Facebook account, they swarmed on me the minute I signed on. I almost feel like these people came out of pods and invaded the planet when I am around them.
  • Marketing bragging that Nerium is backed by Real Science, sorry, but so is every other major anti-aging or cosmetic company.  Clarins, Estee Lauder, SKll, and Lancome for instance have their own team of scientists.
  • According to several other websites including Barefacedtruth.com and lazymanandmoney.com, Nerium refuses to provide that scientific truth to the public.
  • Nerium forced Barefaced Truth to take down their articles http://www.law360.com/articles/638587/personal-jurisdiction-and-defamation-in-the-internet-age, so much for freedom of speech, however it is noted on laxymanandmoney.com that Barefaced Truth is fighting back.
  • They claim to use only “real people” in their marketing campaigns, ummm who is this lady?  Obviously a paid model.Nerium model

I recently told my upline of my plans to not continue with the company, she was very upset with me.  She would not take no for an answer.  She wanted me to promise to come to the next market party and to her house for “Nerium University”.  She texted me that it was a “system” based company and she could help me.  I told her that was the problem, I did not like their system.  I also did not like that they charge you left and right for everything.  She then tagged me in several posts on Facebook about Nerium.  I unfortunately will have to unfriend her.

I also was able to see the earnings level of the rest of my team under this same upline. Only two others were at the same level as me, probably because they too were suckered into buying such expensive starter kits.  No wonder I saw my upline working at Anthropology, I suppose that, along with her alimony are what are paying her Lexus lease now.

They claim anyone can do this business, they just have to follow the system.  I personally do not want to do Real Results parties, I am too busy to go to Market Parties locally, and I will not do 3 way calls.  They are pushy in their promotional methods, even go far enough to encourage you to “trick” your friends into coming over, then spring a Real Results Party on them, where you will put a video on for them to watch and have to other cult members, your upline and another Senior Brand partner there to try and push the opportunity on them.

My final decision to leave the company was a culmination of several things.  If I want to continue with the product, guess what, you can get it on Amazon or Ebay, for less than I could ever sell it for on my replicated website the company gave me, and less than I can get it for myself.

Nerium AmazonNerium Firm on Ebay sold for $36.00:Nerium Firm Ebay

Nerium Firm from my replicated website:Nerium Firm My site

So there is some truth to the image below.  The product may help your skin, but the company may change your life for the worse!

Join my team at Nerium! http://secretlyfamous.arealbreakthrough.com/

Here is a funny YouTube video, that gave me a laugh!


My take on joining Nerium: