Aug 16

Jungle Scout Review, is Jungle Scout a Scam or Legitimate?

Jungle Scout BannerImagine having your own online business that pretty much runs hands off.  You store your products in someone else’s warehouse, and they pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for all of your products.  They even provide space on their website for you to list, and provide full merchant account services (payment options).  It is called Amazon FBA, in other words Fulfillment By Amazon. Of all the ways I have researched, aside from affiliate marketing, this is the most promising opportunity I have ever found.  

Have you ever wondered about who is actually selling things on Amazon?  Do you know that you, yourself, can sell on Amazon?  It is really amazing how profitable this can be.  But it is not so simple. One must research products, analyze competition, and find suppliers.

As in anything on the internet these days, that has to do with making money, there are a multitude of new “programs” cropping up all over the place.  And the prices are pretty steep.  Please do not make the mistake of signing on to one of these expensive “how to sell on Amazon” courses.  There is plenty of free information available out there, especially on YouTube.  Instead invest on tools to help you analyze profitable niches and products.  The BEST tool I have found to help you sell on Amazon is Jungle Scout.

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Amazon updates their sales rankings (best sellers lists) a few times a week, if not everyday.  It is vital to picking the right products to sell, by having accurate statistics about what is selling, how many and what kind of reviews products get, how much is selling, how many sellers are selling that product, and what is Amazon’s cut.

Jungle Scout offers three tools.  I use two as I am a serious seller. You must have a pro seller’s account on Amazon, which is free for the first month. You will need the seller account to get the API keys for the programs to work. There are three types of programs; Jungle Scout Lite Extension, Jungle Scout Pro Extension, and Jungle Scout Web App.

Jungle Scout’s Extension will help you with actual data; including estimated monthly sales, revenue, and other criteria that are important in determining profitable opportunities.

The Jungle Scout Lite extension will offer the following:

  • Chrome Extension.
  • The Avgerage Star Rating.
  • The Monthly Sales and Revenue.
  • The Number of Reviews.

The Jungle Scout Pro extension will offer you all of the above, plus:

  • The FBA Fee Calculator.
  • Review Information.
  • Oversize Indicator.
  • The Dimensions and Weight.
  • The Number of Sellers.
  • The Monthly Item Trends.

I chose the Jungle Scout Pro version based on how valuable I felt these extras are.  First of all, the FBA calculator, which is Amazon’s cut, will help you pinpoint how profitable a product will actually be.  You do not want to purchase products and list them, then find out after Amazon’s fee, they are hardly profitable.  The oversize indicator is important, because Amazon takes a higher percentage for anything that is not standard size.  Amazon FBA standard size is the following:

  • 20 lb. or less
  • 18″ or less on its longest side
  • 14″ or less on its median side
  • 8″ or less on its shortest side

Often this is referred to as the “shoebox rule”.  It takes more space for  Amazon to warehouse anything larger, so they obviously will charge more.  They will also limit how many units they will take with new sellers.

The review information is important, as well as the number of sellers, because this will help you to determine your competition.  The monthly item trends will help you identify new niches and products.

The Jungle Scout Web App helps you find more product opportunities with certainty and ease. I pair it with the Pro Extension to maximize research capabilities. It is like having an Amazon magnifying glass!. It has the following features:

  • Web-Based App.
  • Spy on Competitors Sales.
  • Live Product Tracker.
  • Monitor Inventory and Rank.
  • Find Out What is Selling
  • The Product Database.
  • Low Competition Items.
  • Niche Hunter

Amazon FBA is truly one of the most viable ways to make a living online.  Nothing is easy or handed to you on a plate, but with the right research and determination, you can replace or surpass your current living.

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