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Monday, October 19 was my birthday.  It was also the launch of 45 Minute Paydays. John Chow was so kind to show up in my in box.

Hi Donna,

If you can spare 45 minutes a day,
we can offer you a certified, proven
and guaranteed home job to make
up to $379/day from home!

Watch This Video Now

There are only a few position left. Go
read the job report to see if you qualify.

Read The Job Report

To your success!


Sure, I can spare 45 minutes a day.  What I can’t do is WASTE 45 minutes on this scam.  John made his riches being a marketer for MOBE, Matt Lloyd’s My Online Business Empire.  MOBE, for those who don’t know, is a MLM that sells high ticket “levels” of membership to MOBE.  It is a whole program designed around recruiting people, to recruit more people, to sell multiple levels of programs that teach how to market selling “nothing”, nothing tangible, nothing digital or educational.  I can not, and will not ever promote selling nothing.

1)  What it is

45 Minute Paydays is a program promising to help you make up to $10,000 a month. The selling site shows video’s of people who made a lot of money with this program. Funny how it just launched on Monday and ALL these people, (who’s results are not typical btw), are great successes.  These people come from all over the world. It then goes on to tell you the sob story of Raena Lynn, the poor little school teacher who could not find a teaching job, so she was working in McDonald’s.


Look at Raena now, pretending to “copy and paste” ads to make all this money.

45 Minute Paydays claims that you only have to find leads and place ads.  They will take care of the sales.  Sounds simple, right?  This program  originally cost $1197, I guess that was BEFORE it was launched.  Well with all the freebies they give you for signing up NOW, you will actually get, a package Valued at $3,276.00 for only $49!

All for $49.  But this is only available for a limited time, and for a select group of people. Actually, one had better hurry up because……

Act now only 3 positions left

Everyone in Dallas must be on to this one!  See below how simple it is!

3 simple steps 45 MPD

2)  Just WHO IS Raena Lynn?who-is-raena-lynn1

Before I go on to tell you more about 45 Minute Paydays, I want to tell you a little more about our inspirational person, Raena.  I did a little searching to find out a bit more about her and her struggles, and to see just how successful she is.

Raena has her own website now!Raena Title banner for her website

Raena has a history of MLM marketing, but not a very successful one.  She loved connecting with her downline, and she claims she wasn’t successful, not because she wasn’t capable, but because she didn’t have the proper training. This time, the system she was learning provides “hope” for the new marketer because of excellent coaches and training.

Raena was around  before the Yahoo and Google era began. She was around in the time of Compuserve, Prodigy, and CD Now. Domain names cost $200.00 to $1000.00 or more. (That’s before there was a Toyota.co…, or McDonalds.co…, or Disneyland.co…. ).  She was on the net before all of those domains existed.  I don’t even remember those times.  Wow, she’s a dinosaur who worked in McDonalds.  Why, when she is so computer literate, was she flipping burgers in McDonalds?

Well now Raena is a MOBE coach and Diamond Level Licensee for Matt Lloyd. As a Diamond member she’s attended 4 Mastermind events in Fiji; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Costa Rica; and Playa del Carmen, Cancun.  So here is what the catch is, I will verify it in a minute.

Raena also has a Facebook Fan page with 2294 Fans!Raena Lynn FB Fan page

3)  What can you make?

Here is a snapshot of what you can earn:Earnings snapshot-45min PD

You don’t make money just copying and pasting ads for just anything, you are copying and pasting ads for MOBE.  Your high ticket items are the higher level MOBE packages (the Nitrous, Diamond, and Titanium levels).  THAT is the catch.  You will also be asked to join MOBE, where they will constantly try to get you to buy products (levels of coaching).

You will no doubt see a lot of people promoting this program in the near future and I will tell you why.  Right now there is an affiliate contest going on to sell 45 minute paydays up until November 2, 2015.  The prizes are impressive.  So if you see a website pop up promoting it, it is no doubt an affiliate marketer, trying to make money off suckering you into thinking it is a good program.

4)  Matt Lloyd Himself

If you go to the MOBE affiliate page, there is a video of this weasel telling about the 45 Minutes Payday promotion, he actually admits it is a new front end to get people into MOBE, and he talks about the campaign using Raena rather than himself promoting it.

5) My Take

Expect to see a lot of promotion for this new program with the contest and all.  But be aware, those promoting it are already with MOBE, and are just after your money.  And to be an affiliate with MOBE, you have to pay $19.95 a month, so anyone promoting it, is not going to do it lightly (most affiliate programs are free).

Stay away from this scam, it will not just cost you $49, and your money can be invested elsewhere, to learn a real skillset and gain some real knowledge to find ways to make money at home that are not a scam!


  1. I just wanted to say hello and THANK YOU! I was just about to put my cc info in the form and I thought that if I have 20 minutes, I have time to do a scam search.
    I owe you!
    Pastor Cory

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