How to Start Your Own Online Store, Without Buying Any Inventory!

Here I am going to show you step by step on how to set up an online affiliate store using Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing source for education, and a platform to start and maintain one or multiple businesses and/or blogs.

With an affiliate store you are marketing other peoples products, so you can have an online store with virtually no start up costs!

Ok, first of all one needs to find a niche.  Choose something you are interested in, otherwise you will get bored easily.  For this example I chose the sewing niche, as that is something I am very interested in.  We are going to set up a store and a blog.  The blog is necessary for SEO, but it is also a place where you can drive added affiliate income.  So Here we go!

Step 1

Simply sign in to your Wealthy Affiliate account and click on website builder.  It’s so easy and they take you through it step by step.  You do not need any technical know how.


So here you can see that I used my own url  You can purchase your url directly through Wealthy Affiliate, and it automatically comes with privacy and a security certificate.

Step 2

Pick the theme for your site.  For this example I picked a free ecommerce theme Shopstar.step-2

Step 3

Wait while the Wealthy Affiliate system sets up your site!


Step 4

Now you are at your dashboard.  There are recommended plugins, you simply select all and activate!


Step 5

Now we are cooking, we’re going to set up shop!  Here is what the website looks like automatically:step-5

We need to set up a look and identity for the site, basically make it a brand.  Let’s head over to Creative market and get some images.  First I found this great set of sewn letters. sewn-letters-creative-marketWe will do our cover photo first.  Let’s unzip the file and head on over to Adobe Illustrator and play with our lettering. and set up our name.  I found the wood background on Creative Market as well.  I right clicked on the cover photo to save it, then opened in Adobe Photoshop to get the dimensions.canvas-size

In Adobe Illustrator I create an art board with those dimensions.  Then I place my wood background and letters.  I hop on over to Shutterstock.comshutterstock-sewing and get some sewing clip art.  And here is our new cover photo.  I added some drop shadow effects to the art to make it stand out more.  I installed the WP fonts plugin and changed the fonts of the

Step 6

Now we are ready to start adding products.  I have many affiliate accounts, for this example I am going to use Shareasale.  I love Shareasale, they have so many great things to promote.  They even send you seasonal lookbooks for ideas.  You could create a store around so many niches.  If you are an Amazon affiliate you can do the same thing I am showing.  And if you sell T shirts for Merch by Amazon, you could set up a T shirt store and promote your shirts AND get your Amazon Associates commission!!!  Hot stuff right?!  So for this demo I am going to use to place items in my store.

One of the plugins we installed was WooCommerce.  When you activate it, it will walk you through all the steps.  Uncheck that you will be shipping anything.  Don’t add any payment info.  Follow the steps and your store will be set up!


Then I sign in to Shareasale.  I already have been accepted by Sewing Machines Plus.  I click on Get links, Then Datafeed Products.  I type in scissors.shareasale

Then we will click on Get Links for each product.  Now this may seem tedious, but this is going to be a highly curated store.  There are ways to build a shop within Shareasale and pop it on a website, but I want this to actually look like a real shop.  Go to your left sidebar, and click on Products/Add Product


Then back to Shareasale.  Click on get links and copy what I have circled.  Paste it in your browser to go to the page.  Right click and save down the picture.  product-link-informationcurved-blade-emb-scissors-from-smp

Back to Add Product, copy and paste the name from the website.add-new-product

Then on the right side bar, we will put the category, tags, product image, and gallery image.


Finally at the bottom, for Product Data we will put in External/Affiliate product, then enter the prices.  The Product URL is what I copied from Shareasale.  Then publish.price

Keep adding the products you want.  You can even add products from another affiliate network.  And it just populates in your shop!  You are in business!  shop

In the next post I will show how to create a review style blog and promote through social media!  Happy online shop building!




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