Jim Cockrums Proven Amazon Course Review

Review of Jim Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course (PAC)

Proven Amazon Course Review

Jim Cockrum is known as a trusted Ebay and Internet Marketing authority and author high selling work. He has built a more than 100,000 subscriber newsletter in which he educates how to be successful selling online. His reputation as one of the experts when it comes to growing a business online from home is also known. As a mentor, he is spoken about in positive channels, such as the Warrior Forum, about Internet marketing.

He has a well-known course, that has been around for some time, the Proven Amazon Course (PAC).  Since my interest in FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), I thought I would get a quick start into this, maybe if I signed up for a course I could get started faster.  I had heard about him through the Warrior Forum and heard nothing but positive reviews.  I heard some of the cons as well.  I decided to go for it since it had a money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Well since I have been studying FBA for some time, already being a member of Jungle Scout, several FB groups, and following several podcasts, including The Amazing Seller with Scott Voelker, Greg Mercer, Nick Nerov, and a few others, I found the course way too basic and very outdated.   Especially now with all the new Amazon updates.  Jim’s voice puts me to sleep, if any of you know The Rainmaker, I find their voices very similar.  They knock me out, literally.  The woman in glasses who does some of the videos, I am sorry, totally annoying.

The inside area is very confusing.  It is set up in a very primitive way, you enter the member’s area, and it seems really raw, and hard to navigate.  They will say Start here, but it is so basic, I feel like this course is only for those who are complete beginners.  You really have to be clueless.

The resources they give you are outdated or you can find them yourself.  The list of wholesale suppliers is a joke.  They give a lot of info on retail arbitrage, but.  I am into private label and this course is not going to give you the info, the experts do that  I mention above.  A Google search alone is going to give you more info.  If you are serious about Amazon FBA, watch Youtube videos, join Facebook groups and podcasts.

I am an affiliate marketer as well, but I cannot recommend the Proven Amazon Course, most of the reviews you are seeing are from affiliates hoping to cash in.  Save your money, buy some product, aend it in to Amazon, and get your feet wet.

Sorry Jim, your course was useless for me and I will rely on affiliate commissions from the courses I believe in.  Also, the no questions asked money back guarantee should not include numerous phone calls that I didn’t ask for.

Review of Jim Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course

My opinion of The Proven Amazon Course

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