Maria Andros Signature Programs that Sell, is it a scam?

Maria AndrosI received an email today from Maria Andros about attending a free webinar MASTERCLASS about her program, Signature Programs that Sell.  I had clicked on her Facebook ad and opted in for the free webinar.

Hi Donna,

Thank you so much for taking the time to register for the Master Class.

I can’t wait to share a simple 6-step process on how to take your idea and turn it into a PROFITABLE Online Program!

In my new master class you’ll discover how to create a signature program that fills up with potentially hundreds of a clients at a time (so that you don’t have to feel stuck selling on the phone all day talking to people who aren’t even that committed).

Donna, what if you could package all of your knowledge, life experience & advice into a signature program that sells itself online?

This is a billion dollar industry and the ticket to living a freedom filled life.You’re going to discover how starting today you can get in touch with who you truly are, your message for the world, and how to put that together and package it in a way that people can understand, appreciate and truly value.

You know why? Because you deserve it.

You deserve to be valued as invaluable, and to be seen as rare and unique.

See you on the masterclass in just a few!



P.S. The masterclass is on Saturday, April 9 at 6:00 PM (Pacific).
All you have to do at that time is click on this link:  Signature Programs Masterclass.
*Just a heads up there will NOT be a replay recording sent out.*

I am always game to hear new things, so I tuned in to see if Maria Andros is a scam or legit.  In this 1 1/2 hour webinar, she explains how her system works, then she goes on to try and sell to you, using the exact same tactics she just explained to you, for her $2497 program.  Which, if you opted in right away, she would give you a $500 discount, broken up in to 5 easy payments of $316, and she provides a 30 day guarantee and promises you can download all the material and keep it, but she believes in integrity, and knows most people won’t do that.

I did an internet search on Maria Andros reviews and I found this on Ripoff Report:

I am within my 30 days to request a refund and it has been refused. The amount is $366.10. Instead, I have received 2 emails saying that I like integrity and am not professional. I was also threatened with a lawsuit merely for asking for a refund. I just don’t have time to complete the program, and have not even utilized the information in the past 2 weeks. I am well within the 30 day window to request a refund.

The anonymous person goes on to say that they challenged his integrity and sent him threatening emails.  He simply didn’t feel the system was right for him and wasn’t going to use it.  So I would be careful checking out this system.  I try a lot of the systems I review, but wouldn’t take a chance on this one.

During the webinar, after Maria delivers her sales pitch to join now, she started welcoming people making it look like they were signing up.  Then she mentions MY name!  I typed in the question box why did you do that?  I have not joined?  But you can’t see the questions people type in.

Apparently Maria Andros has this story that she started out as a MAC cosmetics girl, worked for a boss that made her life miserable, she had some minor success on Ebay, so she took a chance and moved to sunny southern California, because she loved palm trees!  Then she goes on to tell how she got involved with MLMs.  Well she was apparently outed for lying about her mediocre success on Ebay.  In 2007 Maria Andros was involved with defrauding people, she was involved in a scheme called MLM Goldmine.  This is where she learned “Attraction Marketing”. In 2008 she decided to go it on her own and using the techniques she learned from MLM Goldmine, she started Social Media Traffic Blueprint, teaching how to use social media to brand and promote yourself. She became known as the “Video Marketing Queen”, using her good looks and “authority” to sell people her coaching.

Maria Andros

I paid her Website a visit and went to her “Gratitude page“.  Where she has a number of people singing her praises.  I did the due diligence of checking out each and every testimonial’s website.  Half are down, apparently their success didn’t last, and aside from the home decorator, makeup artist, photographer, and the 2 weight loss coaches, the rest are doing exactly what she does, selling coaching.  The video of Yaro Starak and his wife doesn’t connect to YouTube, and their website is disabled.

I took notes while watching the webinar.  When I look at her page and the other coaches she supposedly trained, you can easily spot her entire system. She has 5 steps; Survey use Survey Monkey to ask people questions about your idea. Capture, lead with value, give away something free, create a squeeze page with 4 bullet points and an opt in.  Nurture, lead with value and not selling too fast, do 3 part videos or a webinar.  Have a Strong Offer to convert, include your superhero story, tell the before and after, show your vulnerability, stack your bonuses, social proof, have scarcity/limits, have offer up for short periods, and have a guarantee. Automate, do Facebook ads, or organic traffic via video, have a video sales page and a checkout page.  I would just recommend looking at these pages and learn from what you see.

She offers another program on her website called The 6 Figure Video Impact Program.  This is a 4 week program that is valued at $7000.  It costs $497, but if I sign up today, I will get $200 off, and can use their Feel at Ease Payment Program, for 2 easy payments of $163!  This is the capture step, lead with value.  As part of that capture, she offers these amazing bonuses (giving away free stuff):

#1 Product Launch Secrets, value $7000.  It is a behind the scenes breakdown of the most successful 6 and 7 figure launch strategies and campaigns.

#2 Video Testimonial Framework Formula, value $500.  She will give you a script and questions to ask.

#3 Complementary ticket to her next Momentum Live event, value $1997, just put down a $97 fully refundable deposit to secure your spot.

#4  Access to their members only Facebook Group, value $1000.  Supposedly to network with other members around the globe.

Here is where the nurture step comes in.  See she is leading with value and not selling too fast.  I am sure at the Momentum Live Event, she will have a bunch of upsells, also on the Facebook Page.  She will tell her superhero story over and over again, she has stacked her bonuses, she has put a deadline for the offer, and she offers a 30 day money back guarantee.  Now that she’s got you to to convert for this lower priced offer, being pretty certain she will be able to convert you with higher ticket products at the event or online.  She also ends her video with testimonials from many of the people on her Gratitude page who no longer have websites! There it is, The Maria Andros Formula to the 5 steps to Freedom!

My review of Maria Andros:





  1. She is a complete fraud. Google her name. She screwed me and wouldn’t honor her guarantee. Do not trust this snake

    • Hi Craig,
      As I have found with all my research, most, if not all, “coaches” out there, who charge you a lot of money for their programs are scam artists. Maria Andros is the epitome of a complete fraud. She doesn’t “care” about people, she cares about getting in to people’s wallets. She’s a narcissist and loves being in the spot light, kind of like some of these tele-Evangelists! Making a living how she does, is quite frankly immoral. The most she can do is train others to be scam coaches like herself. As I put in my post, she tries to upsell you as soon as she just finished explaining it! Best of luck to you.



  2. this lady is pathetic :

    – her program online is empty and slides look ridiculous and empty.. not to mention boring!
    – her “momentum” event is full of jumping and singing. no content at all.. i was shocked!!
    – she probably trying to change her name to maria buckley to clean her personal “brand” and scam other people,
    – her marketing tool is based on god.. what a criminal!! wolf in sheep’s clothing! you are warned !
    – it’s a shame : whenever you ask her a question she’s lost and tries to make you feel guilty because you are “questionning”
    – another ex-MLM con ! what a shame! you are a disgrace to business !
    – I can’t imagine at the end of that garbage event, she proposed to coach people for $ 15,000 !!! for that?!!! this should be reported to FTC and spread all over internet !!!
    – momentum event was supposed to teach : half of it was about herself and her story and being in the spotlight, the other half was sales pitches from infusionsoft and other scammers like the guy who came to teach about facebook business and did nothing but tell how good he is offering a ring to his mum… litteraly nothing else!!.. what a shame…

  3. My advice is never sign anything. She has many high pressure sales people and techniques. You would be best to not even go, not even to see the hype.

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