Oct 16

Merch by Amazon, Make Money Designing T shirts with PicMonkey and Jungle Scout

Funny enough, I completely forgot that I had an account, then I saw a Youtube video, and I was like wow!  So I went to apply, and that is when I found out I was already enrolled.  Apparently you have to be invited.  So however I ended up in it, I am grateful! Anyway, I have strong graphic design skills, so I thought this was a great way to generate some income. 

I am skilled with Adobe Creative Cloud, which I love, and will post in a later post how this is an essential tool for all online businesses. Adobe provides excellent tutorials, and you can definitely learn on your own, by going through the tutorials.  Also remember anything you subscribe to for your online business you can write off on your taxes!

I decided to try out PicMonkey, I went for the first month free try out, and was so impressed with this app, and such a low cost, that I have added this to my arsenal of tools.  Anyone can learn to use PicMonkey.  The Program is so much fun!  They have themes and great fonts, and everything is so visual.  It truly must be tried out! You will be able to design with this program alone, although if you are serious about this you should work with both.   I did this just now in about 10 minutes with a ghost I got on https://pixabay.com, which is a site you can get public domain art and pictures that you can use in your artwork and sell.http://howtomakemoneyathomethatisnotascam.com/

It’s kind of crappy, because I just threw it together, but I just wanted to show how easy and quick PicMonkey is!  Check out your free trial here.


And if you are not creative at all you can always go to Graphic River and buy T shirt Designs.http://howtomakemoneyathomethatisnotascam.com/or hire a graphic designer from Envato Studio!  http://howtomakemoneyathomethatisnotascam.com/

.Funny enough, the two best selling T shirts this Halloween season, were very simple, and one was even breaking Amazon rules, and that was the Merch by Amazon shirt, the Boo y’all Tee Shirt, and put their website on the design.  In the review section  people even complained about it, but they made almost 30K this month, here is a clip from Jungle Scout, which I cannot emphasize enough how important this tool is! Click on the pic and it will enlarge.http://howtomakemoneyathomethatisnotascam.com/

The other shirt was that simple pumpkin shirt.  I think this really shows how valuable Jungle Scout is, so you can see the competition! It’s right in your browser, and you can instantly see what is selling! And again, tax write off!  The listing for the pumpkin shirt was very poor, which I can only conclude they did a big promotion to get the sale.  So this tells me that in certain instances, someone got a shirt in there early, got the sales and Amazon put them at the top of the searches, and sometimes one needs to do a promotion.  You can check out Jungle Scout here.

Some people are really paranoid of being copied, but I have learned in the fashion industry, you have to accept it and move on.  I think it is really important to build a brand.  So I have a FB acct. with my brand name, a twitter acct., and a website.  I always use my brand name on my listings.

Another way to see what is selling is to go to http://merchresearch.com/, and you can see what is selling and use Jungle Scout to see how much they are selling.  The following is a snapshot of the monthly selling.  I am not saying to copy, this is just to give you an idea what is selling. Again click on the pic to enlarge.merchresearch

Promotional methods:

I have tried FB ads but got no conversions.  Pinterest, because it is so visual, I believe is probably the most valuable place to promote. And find a niche, a small one with lots of people interested in that particular niche.

There are a lot of courses popping up, as with anything new that is creating a buzz, some people are always going to try to make money off it.  I am not a big one for courses, as there is so much info on YouTube. I am a little surprised at the cost, $597, and I have seen the YouTube videos, which the guy who is teaching this course claims to use no keywords in his description, so all I can gather is he found a little known niche, with a lot of demand.  I would test your creativity and own research before the investment.


So to conclude, even though print on demand has been around for some time, like Cafepress, Zazzle, and Redbubble, Amazon has now provided an even more profitable platform than the others.  If you are creative, this is for you!